🤝Engaging with the ShootXP Platform

Unlike many other (online) services, our platform is NOT designed to be a transactional process where you sign up with a username and password, login and immediately start using it.

We will first establish a professional relationship with you and seek to understand your aspirations, context and intended use. From there we will co-create a solution that could be a combination of professional development, training a custom shooting AI model, and on-going support to maximise and evolve various features of the ShootXP app.

Please get in touch if you would like to explore such a relationship with us - info@shootxp.com

What might this cost?

Given the above, you may have already anticipated that this is not your "cost of a coffee per month" offering. It is likely the majority of engagements will start somewhere in the 4-figure range (USD).

Who might "own" a ShootXP app account?

coaches, individual trainers, (professional) players, teams, clubs, academies, schools, universities, governing bodies, basketball facility operators, +++

A single account can have many user profiles (logins) and, in nearly all cases, this will not effect the cost.

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